Thank you for responding @Hannah Rose Hyman. I am indeed grateful for the food I consume, the lands that are provided to me, and even the birds that wake me up at the crack of dawn (my natural alarm clocks). I want to be grateful in my own way, worshiping what I want to (which is nothing, but I do appreciate and take care of Mother Nature so she cares for me in return) without being prompted because someone else deems it’s important. It’s a ritual, a tradition for many. I feel praying at meal time is personal, and if you feel you need to do that, then great. But don’t insist I do it (or anyone else for that matter), without understanding how or if I worship. And I don’t want anyone to make me feel bad because I don’t see or believe what they believe. I have a grateful heart and soul, I meditate (preferably alone outside, near water, and I treat them the way I want to be treated.

Some people who pray don’t do that last line well, some don’t do it at all. That’s more important than praying over diner food. The who you pray to, what you pray for, when you pray, where you pray, and why your pray is personal. And if you don’t pray, well that’s personal too.

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