Thank you for saying these words Cathy. I couldn't have stated it any better myself. This is what I see when I see White people advocating for everything and anything except antiracism.

We got PETA, humane societies almost exclusively run by White women to save dogs and cats. We have Climate Accords and summits where White folks come together to try and solve climate problems they've created with their short-sighted industrial and technological revolutions. White people can create entire campaigns for sexual assault/campus sexual assault, anti-drug use abuse and abuse campaigns. Whole entire wars on drugs and terror. White people created messaging for us consuming too much damned dairy to save White farmers, and got us to the moon.

White people created Ivy Leagues and modern medicine. They have created treatments that have helped the blind see again, and created Cochlear implants so the deaf and hear again.

But changing their racist behavior and ending racism, they need help.

That's why I'm not buying optimism anymore with racism. It's simply delayed disappointment. I feel like we're being tricked and being made out of fools and I don't like that. White people must take the lead. I'm putting it back on them.

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