Thank you for sharing about Summer. I think about that baby often. She’s blessed to have you and I believe she’s a real light for your family. I’m glad you teach those values to her. You spoke so many truths about affluence and the way parents are raising their kids.

I have gone to other plays and they were pretty terrible, but they did not have any of the adult situations, sexuality, and substance abuse. I should have walked out because sitting their really drained my spirit. It was hard to be supportive watching young people act out some of the worst acts we see in adulthood. I learned the principal was in the audience and this was a toned down version of the showcase. These students are going to go on to perform these scenes at a state competition.

Oh joy.

Affluent parents raise their children differently. Poor and low-middle class families are expected to raise their kids with all the moral, values, and character traits you instill in Summer so not to offend them. Meanwhile, kids in affluent schools are learning, engaging in, and practicing in theory about all the the things we teach poor and lower-middle class children not to do because it’s bad for them and bad for our society. The hypocrisy.

I really fear getting older. People have no respect or consideration for each other these days, and the generations coming behind us are feeling entitled. They believe they don’t have to respect everyone, only the people they like and who agree with them. What a time to be alive. Thanks for giving a Summer update. She’s a special grand baby. I’m ready to be a grandma now lol.

Luv ya back and be safe on your travels!

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