Thank you for sharing the article. I read it in its entirety before getting to the meat and potatoes. It said this:

Warren is defining the agenda of that new progressive era.

Warren gave her agenda, her platform back in 2016 for such a time as this (that she’s planned). I find it convenient and ironic the speech was given at the University of Wisconsin in front of a white audience. She hasn’t said or diagnosed anything that hasn’t been said or done by leaders and liars before her. My question is what has she done for any group besides (besides remembering and honoring them for their struggles) White women and Native American while in Congress?

Nothing. She has power right now. Instead of her using her full-term to fight for Black Lives and creating legislation to protect them, she’s been planning a run for President performing for White people, in particular White feminists, so she can get her financial backing set.

She talks at us, she talks about us, but not too us.

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