Thank you for sharing what it’s like being the parent. I’m the estranged daughter and I’m always placed in these awkward positions by my siblings to deal with her. I haven’t dealt with her for this time span five years, but most of my life since 17 we’ve been on-again-off-again estranged. I just can’t deal with her mental abuse, he late onset/acknowledgement of her mental health issues, and I surely cannot forgive all the abuse and neglect I endured as a child. My mother is a ball of evil and yet she sells herself to the rest of the world in a way you have shared the way you see yourself. I’m in no way saying you’re peddling a lie, just saying my mother has a way of making people think she’s an angel and we’re ungrateful devils.

Thankfully my father knows the truth of her and supports my stiff arm/silent relationship with my mother. I hope your daughter is okay and is at peace with her decision. I feel good about mines. I have adult children, and I made sure I raised them in a way that not get me cast away like we’ve all done with my evil mother at some point. I hope my mother takes time to evaluate herself and to enjoy her life. She may still worry about me, but I never worry about her. And we both must be okay with that.

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