Thank you for sharing your experience and it’s duly noted. We shouldn’t have to carry the scars because of their baggage. White people (women in particular) need to understand the mental gymnastics we (People of Color, Blacks, and men of all socioeconomic statuses) go through in order to accommodate their fears and fragility. We all have scars and fears of something, but we shouldn’t go around punishing innocent people for something they had nothing to do with. I was raped, I don’t fear every man. I love men. I have been in a robbery, I don’t fear going out, and I don’t worry about getting robbed.

I just don’t live my life worrying about what someone is going to do to me or what’s been done to me. Stranger danger has done a hell of a job on White women. It’s time to put the old trope to bed. I’m sorry men must endure such nonsense. I can honestly say I know how you feel. Thanks for reading.

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