Thank you for sharing your story and the emphasizing the importance of remembering all of the genocides in modern history. There are so many genocides occurring globally we don’t hear or learn about in America it’s quite shameful. I fully understand why we are evolving into an uncivilized nation. Our propagandized imperialism has blinded us to how corrupt and evil our own governments are (local, state, and federal). World History has been stripped from public education, making the masses ignorant about what could happen if we relinquish our power and stop watching our leaders.

We believe nothing anyone tells us because our “rights” allow us to believe our favorite belief system/norm, and we’ve all totally missed the fact our government has done away with the NDAA which now allows them to propagandize us (it happened in 2012, during Obama’s presidency, and 1987, the Reagan-era Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the Fairness Doctrine, which required a diversity of viewpoints in American broadcast media) — hence Fox News sprouts up and 25 years later we have White men with tiki torches chanting Jews will not replace us like mad men…..

Thanks America!

We must always watch our governments, we must always read our news (and not rely on pundits and our faves for biased views), and we should always review World History. We need to teach our friends, family members, children, and people we socialize with on social media about historical facts relative to our nation/groups. Doing so would prevent the rise globally in tyranny, slavery, religious persecutions, and nationalism.

We don’t realize the many ways our governments have blinded us to the suffering of others in the world. The media and our own biased American government tells us whose suffering is a priority (i.e. the Jews/Israel) and tell us suffering/genocide/bombings of others don’t matter (Syrians, Palestinians, Libyans, Somalians, etc.). We trust our government way too much, and know far too little about how Uncle Sam uses our ignorance for personal gain.

All suffering matters, but we need to know our own history first. Many people will never leave their own nation, it makes sense for them to learn about home first. The truth is hard to come by these days, and many governments are scrubbing certain events from the history books. We can’t afford to forget.

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