Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think we can all agree that feminism was the end of our protections. I believe we must fall and rebuild again a more fair, just system. Patching up existing laws created by White men only makes things worse for Blacks. Without degrees of protections and acknowledging certain groups have more rights than others (i.e. a White women, a gay White man, or a Jewish man who passes as White), then we will continue to see the inequity we see in all things American. If the same people continue to create the laws, nothing changes. If the makes of laws continue to cheat so we never get to elect our own representation to have a seat at the table, nothing changes.

Laws are only a small slither of the puzzle. Whites, including White women, never have to worry about any of these institutions because they benefit from them indirectly. Equity is not a part of feminism. If it was, the movement would look a lot different. America needs an enema or a complete and total collapse to change. She isn’t sorry for what she’s done to us. She’s only sorry she got caught.

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