Thank you for taking the time to read them Derek and I’m happy that you’re enjoying them (although I’m sure you’re as disappointed as I am). Because of my work, I must look at people in politics very differently. I want to teach readers to view every candidate suspiciously. I also don’t want anyone to rely on their favorite television network/pundit to give them the tea on our candidates.

Tavis Smiley was funded by the Clinton's and was Pro-Hillary-Anti-Obama. So was Tavis’ road dog Dr. West. Today I watched the Black Moody-Mills couple on A.M. Joy basically big-up Kamala Harris in spite of a prominent law school professor making the case against Harris based on her atrocious record on incarcerating Blacks and overlooking tainted evidence that would overturn convictions. The case was made why she’s not progressive and why she’s not the right candidate for President. This woman was White and has studied how policies supported by Harris harmed communities of color. The Black folks gave her Black Jesus status, excusing her past and sanitizing her future.

But Black lives really matter… smh

Even Joy was riding the Kamala train. Black people want us to forget the same sins committed by Black politicians we’d hang White politicians out to dry for (if we are savvy enough to figure those sins out). It’s not right, and I’m not having any of it!

We can’t allow anyone to dress down truth because they are a Democratic political operative or strategist on the payroll and in the tank for Democrats, even Black folks. I’m telling the truth on these folks so at least we will really know our evils we vote for. It helps us lower our expectations and think about politics in a totally different light. I loved Booker too, but after doing my research he’s not so attractive anymore. I don’t have a favorite candidate. I’m not being side-tracked by anyone this go-round. Fool me once — shame on you, fool me twice — shame on me lol!

I appreciate and value your readership!

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