Thank you for the catch and I appreciate you reading. I really hate that sentence wasn’t clear. I’m working with a client in Atlanta who houses Black young boys who are aging out of foster care and we know first hand the issues stemming for sexual abuse by women. There are many women who violate men and boys and they never get a glance. It’s viewed as a right of passage instead of a violation. Girls are treated differently than boys.

In a study by a national human trafficking group, they noted (in my own language here) it was almost impossible to determine the severity of male victimization because there are so few facilities that house young boys and men who are victims of sexual assault or sex trafficking. If a man or boy comes forward, there is no place for them in Georgia to escape to even though Georiga is #2 in the nation for human trafficking because of the airport, traveling business men and the high homosexual population residing there.

There is so much White noise in feminism, we miss male victims. Be wary of the messengers. Often times they are biased, jaded, or hurt and operating from a place of hurt instead of helping all victims.

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