Thank you for the response. For the record, yes I am in favor of Martie’s article and those written by allies who are White. My issue/concerns come from us not getting equal billing/showcasing/featuring when it comes to speaking to the world about racism against Blacks.

For instance, many White women are given top billing to brush the surfaces o topics pertaining to race, most times by folks already famous, published authors, etc. The rest of us “regular Blacks" are selectively curated. Topics regarding race, equality, and equity have some of the fewest tags, despite the Trump presidency.

Tim Wise, a famous White male educator on race, is a leading expert on Black racism. Sure he may understand race. Yes he may have a way of “Whitesplaining” race to White folks and confirming for Blacks what we already know, sadly. Why do Tim Wise’s and Martie’s get to speak for us? Why is it that when we say it or write it, it isn’t as potent or powerful as if I say it from very personal experience, not from observing racist behavior?

And why is it media outlets and blogging platforms like Medium give features and constant rotation to their works while burying ours?

Medium recently created a publication for Women of Color which is supposed to be a place to discover writings from women of color (not specifically Black women or specific issues Black women deal with in the US). While we now have a publication, it’s diluted the varied issues each group of Black and Brown women experience. Meanwhile, White, Asian, and other women/men who write on various topics on Medium regularly get featured. The point I was making is that if you’ve spent any significant amount of time here and watched AI shuffle articles on race, the most promoted are those written by Whites. This also says volumes about Medium’s readers as well.

Because we write from personal experiences and not observations, our writings tend to offend or cut (hurt) White people, which also gets our words censored.

The people who run sites like these are almost always White. Their implicit biases tend to show. The problem is, no one hears us when we call it out because our words on race aren’t valued in the same manner as White words on race.

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