Thank you for the spoiler. Every time I try to watch it I get discouraged because I can feel the pain. I didn’t see it because of my own trauma and my ability to see right where you went, the childhood past. I cannot excuse what he did, but as a human I cannot ignore how he was neglected and abused as a child. As you’ve said, he’s never stood a chance. There were so many flags, so many people who saw and knew but did nothing. That’s usually how child abuse and neglect goes. We mind our business then bitch when the adult monsters harm us.

And his mother.

I know what that’s like.

It’s like having a pitcher of water. The water is love. Over time, some of the water spills out accidentally, and it needs to be refilled. If no one refills it, the pitcher gets emptied. Sometimes we try to fill the pitcher with water (love) but some people have pitchers with holes in it. Hernandez had a pitcher that had a hole in the bottom. That hole represents the love/nurturing he didn’t get from his mother. Hernandez is just like any other serial killer or serial predator. Some are born that way. Others are made into violent predators. Hernandez’s environments made him. It’s an indictment on humanity.

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