Thank you for this. I thoroughly enjoyed this thought an I completely agree. It’s not our jobs to talk, facilitate an apology, help White people understand a form of reparations to pay for the centuries of physical, emotional, and financial harm caused by White Supremacy. White people need to have a meeting with White people to talk about how terrible they are (as if they really don’t know). White people need to work with White people to dismantle this entire caste system they’ve created.

Black people need to be able to be angry about all the injuries suffered at the hands of White people. There is no time frame for us to get over it. There clearly isn’t a plan or time frame for White people to end racism. They ignore it and kick the can down the road. Reconciliation is inappropriate for the violence endured by us. We need justice, and if White people aren’t willing to give us justice and reparations, everything else is just a show. I’m tired of their insincere shows, lame apologies, bad policies, and ever-evolving racism.

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