Thank you for touching on the Black male slander. I've been trying to highlight Black people collectively are the back bone of the Democratic Party. Black men voted for Harris more than any other group. Before the election I asked Professor Crunk and Hill why are they focusing on bashing Black men when Hispanic and Asian men support Republicans MORE than any other minority group holding 2nd and 3rd place to White men.

They skipped over my points, but other Tweeps picked up on it in the threads and began changing how they viewed the data and how it was presented. The gatekeepers stay on their jobs. We must stay on ours. I will tolerate no Black man slander. I wonder what Hill husband thinks, if he's entitled to have an opinion at all. As for Professor Crunk, it's obvious why she male bashes, and I'll leave it at that.

The Black man bashing has subsided, but it will rise again. I'm definitely more aware of it. I wade in when it's worthwhile. Some of these young feminist women aren't worth arguing with, but when blue checks and celebrities step out of line, I check them.

Too many Black people in power don't read data, they just use White Dem talking points to bash and guilt Black people to the polls with nothing tangible to offer them. White folks better learn to get smoke like we do, because I am at the point I really don't care about saving them anymore at our expense. I'm tired of being Wonder Woman and the maid when I'm done.

Great, thorough piece as always. Take care and be safe.

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