Thank you for you response Chris. I don’t want you to ever feel when I say White people I mean all White people. I most of my writings I really, really, really try to place enough “somes" throughout the pieces so not to offend the good, decent White people, allies (and those learning) reading attentively. Most times I’ll say, “not all White people,” or “some,” or even “if it doesn’t apply, let it fly," but I still find that no matter what I do to let White people, White people are just going to see the words “ White people" and become instantly offended. I really don’t understand the big deal. If I read something about Black people no matter who writes it, if it’s true, I’m not offended, nor do I feel the need to attack the writer. If I disagree, I move on but I do leave a clap or two because I respect the fact someone wrote something and would like validation or compensation for their thoughts. I get the most disrespectful, condescending postings from White men on Medium and on Twitter. I would ask that you not only listen to us, but pay attention to how aggressively we are attacked when we speak.

I’m happy to engage, but if we lack social awareness, grace, respect, communication skills and emotional intelligence, it’s almost impossible. Everything we Blacks say ain’t a lie. And some things White people discount are indeed truths. Perception is everything.

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