Thank you for your feedback Max Moore. You’re right about all of the victims in this. Now, there are even more victims though. The new tertiary victims of this mess are the friends and people who were living their best lives until Judge Kavanaugh introduced his calendar which mentioned prep school and college friends, then by extension some of their friends who were aware of said events/behavior.

Friends and family members are now are getting death threats, being harassed at jobs, being stalked at home. Privacy has been invaded, and safety is no more for these innocent people because of how polarizing politics have become, and because how invasive/intrusive the media. This process will destroy lots of lives. It’s very complex, and I hope we all will be able to take a step away from our personal sides to take inventory of the entire matter. The outcome is not going to be good for anyone touched by this case. Your assessment is correct, the destruction of lives involved in this review process will be devastated… for years to come.

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