Thank you for your perspective. I am not sure how you all live with the toxicity of social media. All the negativity that’s absorbed from the insults, threats, criticism for your personal beliefs and thoughts can’t be good for your physical or mental health. Based on your assessment of the check by your name, I’d gladly take a pass. Being a celebrity is so overrated. The toll these social media platforms take on a black man’s or Black Black woman’s health should not be underestimated. Do the short-term and med-term risks benefit outweigh the risks? I personally say no.

You can get a new job. You can find new ways to earn a living. But you cannot undo the damage incurred by the verbal, emotional, and mental abuse shared online. The stakes are too high. In my opinion you only get one body with no promise for second chances or do overs. Y’all Black blue checks better rethink this life. I appreciate your thoughts even when I disagree with them because it’s nice seeing us be able to speak to and for us, but we (Blacks) have taken on a lot of the characteristics of White Supremacists.

We’ve become abusive, the thing we detest. We need to talk about it. Thank you again for explaining what life as a Black Blue Check entails. Be well, and take care.

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