Thank you for your response and you I agree with almost everything you addressed. Who makes up the 1%, the Koch Brothers, neoliberalism, Wall Street, and Big Pharma? Who has the most military contracts to support America’s military complex? Who has started nearly every war America has been in? White men.

Saying we need to get away from identifying and calling the biggest offenders of our oppression is foolish. Oppression and suppression is real. Identifying who our oppressors are for strategic purposes as well as for protective measures. It’s nicer and tidier to call a spade a spade here in America. We are not beyond our racial identities in America sadly.

When you follow the money (wealth), board makeup,work trends, CEO makeup, financial planning and advisors, and national political representation in America, White men and White people top the list in nearly every category. And since they are maintaining power and wealth, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that they (Whites) are oppressors practicing all sorts of oppression. I feel sorry for anyone who believes otherwise. A blind person can see it.

It’s impossible to ignore the designers of the our laws, regs, and beholders of most wealth is overtly White. The wealth is White. The labor is Black and Brown.

As for Cornell West, he lost a lot of credibility with Black people when he and Tavis Smiley went on the bash Obama train for 8–9 years because the Clinton’s were some of their biggest supporters. There is a big rift in the Black community regarding West, he’s not the best source to quote as a mouthpiece for Black intellects.

As a descendant from the only non-immigrant group America has ever had, I must say race matters. Race is important because it prevents some of us from making it out of one class and into another. That part some folks just can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

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