Thank you for your response, it’s spot on! My sentiments exactly. I’m close to 50 as well and I’m refocusing my efforts to the most vulnerable and neglected. In my opinion that’s People of Color.

Today’s young people don’t respect knowledge or wisdom. Thank technology, testing instead of teaching and lax (poor) parenting in my opinion. I fear for my future when I see kids today. I think focusing on the areas you mention we can perhaps save and inspire a generation. We’ve been a part of too many other movements that has gotten us no place fast.

Weve been used and abused, tokenized, and de-legitimized so much it’s shameful, yet we keep trying to be apart of these clubs and parties. Nothing we do is quite good enough, and we are simply stepping stones for every other ethnic group to gain rights/wealth/status. I’m prioritizing People of color, children, and Black. There are some basic rights and safety concerns People of Color need to address urgently, and some of those other groups don’t give a crap. I’m no longer staying where my well-being and safety isn’t a priority.

I’m getting a couple of divorces lol. I’m glad about it too.

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