Thank you Herbert. I think about some of the things Dr. King and other late ancestors pondered when it came to the Black community. The desegregation social experiment was not successful and I think we need to take inventory of what has happened to us collectively and make some decisions about our own future.

We cannot trust the decision-making skills of the establisment or of White folks any longer. It’s a risk we can’t afford to take anymore. Blacks folks are on their way to becoming extinct, at least placed on the endangered species list. It’s time for us to take responsibility for ourselves as we attempt to cohabitate with the white supremacy we were born into.

If desegregation was a clinical trial, it would not be approved for the next round. It has killed too many people, decreased the quality of life, and harmed countless participants of the study. This juncture in history is a come to Black Jesus moment for Black people. What will Black people do?

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