Thank you! I love this Sis. You hit the nail on the head.

Ellen sold us out for the happy rich folks utopia. I’m queer, I’m Black, I’m a Black woman, I’m a descendant of slaves, I’m an advocate for the poor and social justice. How she could so casually forget about Bush’s stance on LGBTQ rights and marriage, or how Bush vacationed for 27 days instead of preparing for Katrina? He allowed thousands of poor Black and Brown folks to die, and race played a role in it. Our President allowed us to di and we are supposed to be nice to him?

He too an undeserved 30 day vacation no long after taking office and another right before we got our asses handed to us by Saudis on 9/11 becauseof his slackness. Be nice to him? Really? Thousands died, and thousands still suffer from illness thanks to Bush.

Why do we have to be nice to the crafter of the fake war on terror that led to the 17 year war we can’t end, the war that has killed countless young children and families in Iraq and Afghanistan, and killed countless U.S. soldiers who volunteered to defend our democracy and our honor but who were instead hoodwinked by a bunch of greedy, selfish, heartless draft dodging White men?

Nice my ass. I’m with you. Fuck being nice to people who don’t deserve it. And fuck people who get rich and forget what it’s like when people weren’t nice to you. I’m tired of rich people and ignorant people telling us we need to be nice and keep turning the other cheek only to be slapped on the other one by our offenders. Bush was allowed slink off into the sunset quietly to enjoy the spoils he and Dick Cheney stole from the Middle East. He’s a war criminal. He’s commited atrocious crimes against humanity. He should be tried at the Hague and imprisoned. Ellen DeGeneres is a gatekeeper to patriarchy and White Supremacy and until she learns how her words harm those of us still oppressed, she should be treated as a danger to our lives.

That’s what she is to me!

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