Thank you Isabella. Yes, the idiots are always going to be among us. What we must do is recognize them and not follow them. If the election of Donald Trump has driven anything how for me is that stupid people will kill you.

We cannot allow Black people to suffer any longer because White people love clinging to stupid. It’s imperative that more White people get the sleep out of their eyes and resist the programming White Supremacists have worked hard to imbed in them for centuries. The problem of inequality and inhumane treatment of Blacks are never going away if White people don’t wake up and work to make it go away. I’m happy so many white people are able to now see the things we’ve seen for the past 400 years. What’s different this time though is the doing. White Supremacy only crumbles when White people stop supporting it.

Ignorance and fear of otherness keeps racism and segregation alive. White folks need to kill it. Stay the course and do your part. Reprogramming your mind is going to help.

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