Thank you Ivan Dmitriev for your response and your horrific stories of abuse. I’m so sorry that you’ve a primary and secondary victim of sex crimes as a child. It’s one of the most horrific things a human can go through. We don’t get nearly enough details about how these types of predators harm both boys and girls, and how they also “recruit” other children to participate in their madness which is so dangerous. You recounting of the events you’ve experienced describe how our brains work to protect us from the memory of the incidents, and how fear keeps us sometimes from speaking out.

Sometimes we hear stories of a child or adult being abused and we haven’t been taught to tell someone in order to protect others. It’s almost as if sexual predators are folklore or a topic of gossip…even though their actions are dangerous enough to harm or kill. The poor girl who had stones and sand placed in her vagina. What kid would ever in a million years think to do such a thing? Only a predator. But that kid had parents who knew that kid wasn’t well, and yet they unleashed them into the world without as much as a courtesy warning.

Long ago, people used to be able to be detained when they were predators, but politicians decided it was too costly, so they simply label them now, keep them homeless so you can’t track them and allow them to wander among the masses.

For those who aren’t caught, you’re right, they do end up as some sort of Instagram model or cunning leader who has molded and shaped his/her life so that they have unlimited supplies of victims, until they get caught. These people are smart, manipulative, often attractive, accrue wealth, and have all of the trappings to trick prospective victims.

But back to the main point…we know these pervs, weirdos, and predators very early on. Rarely do the grow up and snap. They were born “not well,” and ignorance and a desire to make a kid be “normal” causes us all harm. Parents and family members have an attitude of ignoring the crazy…and maybe it will go away. It won’t! It doesn’t. And as you said, there is no cure for their mind’s genetic defects.

These men are our friends, our brothers, our cousins, our nephews, our uncles, and our fathers. Someone ALWAYS knows they exist, we just have to decide if we know enough about these types of people to decide if we want to isolate them and remove them from society to prevent them from harming people (which parents aren’t likely to do), or do we do what we are doing now…which nothing, until these predators and pervs harm us.

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