Thank you Kat for reading and your thoughtful response. We all make some parenting mistakes as parents. There are fine lines between parenting, policing, and friendship. It’s a constant task and I always personally felt as though I couldn’t get tired of raising my sons. They will hate you when there young, but when they grow up they come to realize you not only provided sound wisdom, but also that you were right.

My not-so-good son turned 29 this week. He now has a son and he recalled so many lessons (and discipline) he got as a kid and was eternally grateful for my wisdom. He was happy I offered discipline and taught him respect. He sees other parents allowing their kids to be terrible and talk back…even at school. He sees how terrible it looks and how it impacts negatively. I was happy, with no regrets. Being a dumbass man in this society is not tolerated.

Parenting is fulltime job and parents gotta be fully committed and vested in it or the kid risks failing. I feel like kids don’t ask to be here. We make them by choice or by accident. We owe them every shot at being successful. We can’t get tired. It’s a full time job. Don’t get tired Kat. Keep pushing. Keep fighting. And if you feel like you’ve made mistakes, work to fix them. A kid is never too old for mama’s wisdom.

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