Thank you Kitty for being the relative standing looking in from the outside telling us how terrible we are. Some of us have always been aware of America’s hypocrisy and freedom charades. The oppressed are always aware how little freedom they truly have. It’s those who enjoy the freedoms the founders speak of who are our nightmares, but also have the opportunity to be America’s redemption.

After 243 years I have no faith in America, it’s institutions, or the people. A large portion of people voted for Trump inspite of hjs history dating back to the 70’s. And they’ve voted for all the other terrible, racist, war mongering, evil authoritarian leaders we’ve had. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that American Whites stick together in White Supremacy, White victimhood, and the most dangerous of them all White apathy. That leaves the few good White people, and they end up having as little power as the rest of the undesirables like myself.

With a 243 year reputation preceeding American White Supremacy, White victimhood, and White apathy, I’m never betting against them. Never. Gird your loins. You’re getting ready to see what a lot of us already know. I’m just sorry you were sold those freedom and dream lies too.

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