Thank you Kris. It’s very frustrating watching the inequality in everything in America and so many White people sit back and let it be okay. The last three years have shown me that America will not and cannot achieve any semblance of equality unless we collapse or go to war. Most White people simply cannot see beyond themselves and their comfort to understand the inherent inequity they continue to uphold. I’d rather die fighting for change than to continue piece mealing and patching a institutions that were never meant to include us, and Black people are tired of the workarounds created with every piece of legislation created to aid Black people.

There is nothing fair about America, and as long as White people are in charge of everything, including behind the scenes, it’s impossible to make progress to fairness and justice. They are going to have to learn to follow, and no lead. Accept being number 2, 3, or 4, and not be #1.

That’s never going to happen. Ever.

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