Thank you Laura. It’s like this.

If your house is on fire, are you going to save the people related to you in the house, or are you going to walk across the street, down the street, across town, then get on an airplane to fly across the country to make friends, or are you going to save the people in your house, hope the neighbors regardless if they know you come help you…and make friends later?

That’s what a White person suggesting I worry about coalition building right now sounds like to me. So when I say I’m not trying to build a coalition, at any given moment, I may not be. I may be trying to save Black people from the burning house. Sometimes it’s possible for me to multitask, but other times it’s not.

White people just need to be quiet sometimes and not say the first thing they feel because more often than not if they are new to antiracism is going to be extremely offensive. They are so selfish and its so frustrating that they can’t see beyond their feelings, their emotions, their needs to be comfortable.

I want to coalition build and put out the collective fires Black people are experiencing, but the fire must come first and White people really need to understand this. We’re fighting racists hiding in all sorts of positions nationally who are trying to kill us and other POC. Instead of asking us to join the comfort brigade, White people need to help us fight the fire FIRST since their homes aren’t on fire.

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