Thank you Manny, I enjoy your writing as well. I agree democratic socialism with a tiny bit of capitalism seems to work well. Capitalism is no good for anyone except the uber wealthy at the top. They’ve squeezed all the blood out of us, there is no more for us to give. We can barely afford to take care of ourselves. The next generation can barely afford to leave home after 4-years of college because capitalism has been intertwined into our education systems. Our kids can’t afford live because the jobs they were promised with by securing a college education no-longer exist. Times and national priorities changed, but no one informed the America public in a timely manner, by design with capitalism of course.

The system is failing and eventually it’s going to collapse just like others around the world have more recently. America is a prideful, hard headed step-child who doesn’t like to read or study history. Some of it is our own faults for trusting our government too much (apparently we forgot about the great depression). Another problem is we often select greedy sociopaths to lead us at all levels of our society. Hopefully our demise will be studied thoroughly so that future generations won’t make the same mistakes.

We can’t continue on like this. Capitalism is bad for humanity, and the earth. People now respect money more than people, and that’s bad for us all.

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