Thank you Mia as always for your clear, thoughtful insights (as an observer) of White Supremacy in action. I enjoy your observations, and I appreciate you sharing them in my comments for others to read.

You always hit the nail on the head identifying the symptoms and signs of our national bigotries. I agree, White people have always had bootstraps (i.e. handouts, subsidies, education benefits, segregation, institutions and systems to gatekeep on their behalf) to support their upward mobility, yet most can’t seem to come to grips with it because they’d have to admit they were wrong about us, and themselves.

They are the biggest freeloaders and drags on our national resources, not people of color.

Whites would also have to admit the only way they can ever exist is by cheating, lying, denying, oppressing, killing, enslaving, stealing, and gatekeeping from non-whites. I tend to think of Whiteness like the man behind the green curtain on the Wizard of Oz movie. They use all the big words, create all the rules to all the games (for which they are consistently moving the goal posts for), create all the obstacles and barriers to keep us behind, make all the standards for us to achieve in order to be accepted, and they are the big bad bullies policing everyone in our societies behind those curtains.

But if you’re ever fortunate enough to ever make through all of their bull to pull that curtain back, you see the scary little White person who can’t do anything without intimidating and taking from others. They live by inciting fear. They manufacture reasons to be afraid like on other group on earth I’d say.

White people know what they do is wrong, which I why I write my stories the way I do. I’m not sugar coating racism for them anymore.

They’ll only stop when caught or called out, and even then they’ll just create a new set of rules or standards to give themselves a pass. The disease of Whiteness is very much like a mental health disorder. I’m sure they won’t want to see the correlation, but I do.

It makes me wonder about everything I’ve ever been taught about how our country should operate. All people of color have stories like the ones I told. You can put a group of any minorities in a room and ask if they’ve experienced just the few things on the list and I’m sure each person of color could vividly attest to the stupid stuff White people say. It’s a way of life for us, and it shouldn’t be.

It’s the reason America will never become the nation we are on paper. Ever.

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