Thank you Ms. Othelia for sharing these examples and appreciating the thought. I find immigrants are most irritated (and rightly so) when they are referred to by their skin color (or language) instead of taking the time to address them by their national origins. Over the years I’ve been working on decolonizing my mind over the years, and this is epiphany came to me one day. I think designating people as Black by their skin color is so disrespectful. I can recall a time believing we are all the same because that’s what colonialism has taught us. It’s self-hate, and we transfer our hate to each other when we disrespect our national and ethnic origins.

It’s another reason I dislike intersectionality. We keep coming up with ways to show how much we are alike instead of appreciating just how different we all are. It’s a tactic of White Supremacy and we need to give it back. If we don’t respect our identities and differences, no one else will. Require that your Black/black be recognized. We all should.

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