Thank you my friend. I love Mayor Pete and Mayor Castro. It seems the Mayors have the best temperament for the job. They also bring a robust grassroots background that most candidates today don’t have. They have public servant hearts — not the kind aiming to harm (like prosecutors Harris and Klobuchar)

Voters are sleeping on these two guys. I know no one is perfect but we need someone who is not in Washington now to heal this nation and move us forward. I hope the American people don’t fall for the poison kool-aid of selecting a woman or the loudest airbag, but I’m losing faith in the people. Americans hate change, and we continue to get the same type of leadership because of it. At the end of the day, if we don’t change our CONgressional leadership, it won’t matter who is President because CONgress will continue to obstruct each other and circumventing the will of the people. A good leader is nothing without good followers.

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