Thank you Sam. I didn’t know Putin called his hackers patriots. I know that’s how Wikileaks was billed. We could get into a lot with the hacking thing (Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden) also being called patriots for sharing secrets with our enemies and putting our lives in danger…but I don’t even want to get into a sparring match with White people about Manning’s sexuality, but willfully ignore Manning’s selfish treasonous acts. In my PERSONAL opinion (gotta emphasize that), there are two ties to Trumpism here.

First, is White men (and now a woman) selling us to our enemies with no regard for how their actions will impact others. Neither in my opinion are patriots. If we consider them patriots, then why isn’t Trump? Trump did the same thing, except Snowden and Manning laid the ground work years earlier for the Trump campaign to do what they did. There was no punishment for Snowden. He was allowed to flea the country and hidden away by our enemies. Manning went to prison, and was released by the first Black President before he left office. There is no punishment for the “patriots.”

Instead of quitting their jobs, getting out of the military, and moving someplace where they could be happy, they sold the nation out they were sworn to protect (yes, intel contractors must also take an oath before getting their creds and having access to highly-classified intel). Their actions helped our enemies. Manning is miserable as fuck, and who in the hell knows what’s happening to Snowden. He’s living in Russia now. Putin granted him asylum. Guess what he’s been doing sense he got there I bet ya? Get my drift.

Secondly, again- it’s White people! They do unpatriotic shit and get called patriots. They do something in the name patriotism giving no idea on how their actions impact us (Black and Brown folks) or their own asses for that matter. So it makes sense Putin would call hackers patriots, because patriots are nothing more than dumb stooges who can be used as moles. It makes sense that Trump would call them patriots too. Criminal birds of a feather fly their unfriendly skies together I suppose.

At the end of the day, White folks do not know what patriotism is. I will never allow them to define that for me ever again. I’m not taking my lead from them on what’s good or right either. The fact that three years later we still can’t get this mother impeached and out of office says everything Sam. It says everything to me.

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