Thank you Sam. For a long time I never told anyone about the beginning of my life because it’s so complicated. Most people can’t grasp that much dysfunction. The other disadvantage of oversharing was people would try to tell me how to feel or take pity on me and want to invite me into a fake circle. A fake family of sorts. It’s therapeutic to write about it now. The world can see all the ugly. Hopefully, it encourages others to share their abnormal childhoods to have some sort of closure. Mother’s Day is no special day for me. Neither is father’s day. I researched the woman who came up with the idea and thought to myself she had some nerve to assume all women were good mothers and to force those of us without good ones to pay homage to them.

Please should mind their own business, and if they think their mom is great, honor her…but don’t force others to engage in the activity as many of us had mothers from hell. Everyone isn’t worthy of honor, and we don’t know everyone’s story, so tread lightly. Thanks for reading.

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