Thank you Sam for the shout out. Indeed silence is consent. You know, I read a book before President Obama was elected called the True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin, and it really changed my entire insight about America, our leaders, our governmental institutions, and what is going on right now. I heard this author on NPR in Raleigh, NC on my way home from campaigning for Obama for a week. He was so convincing and credible I had to by the book. The book had so much evidence about him winning the election (and so many other things that I don’t want to go into) and was so credible that I could barely sleep. Everything that’s happening today, right now in this very hour, is to usher in the “globalism and global economies” (a.k.a the New World Order). It’s planned my friend. We are puppets. Our leaders are our puppet masters.

I don’t expect any former President to do anything, especially Obama, after I read that book. They had to do what they were told in order to steal wealth from the naive poor who believe in capitalism and democracy, so they can survive when the New World Order finally arrives. They simply go off into the night like a kid who threw a rock and broke someone’s window and hides their hands. Leaders all over the globe have been able to divide us by race and nationality while they create fake wars, steal natural resources from less powerful nations, destabilized governments, and pit us against each other for work. We can barely take care ourselves. The bare necessities are literally unaffordable.

We are all mad at each other, instead of the leaders. Political warfare and psychological warfare have done a number on us in such a way, we can’t even see how corrupt our own leaders and media are.

Obama was the chosen one to aid in final phases of collapsing America. He was hand picked. He’s not going to do anything. Please read this book! There are so many facts in it, you won’t be able to do anything except grab your Tums and pray for the best (and maybe start prepping …lol). Although the book was written in 2009, everything in it is happening right now if you have eyes to see, if you’re politically engaged and if you’re of sound mind. It’s some scary shit Sam. America will go down in the history with other falls of once great civilizations. There is nothing really new under the sun. It’s just sad POTUS Obama will have to go down in the history books because of his aiding and abetting the government in stealing from the poor and fleecing the sheep for personal gain. He was the Shepard, and we were his sacrificial lambs.

So lower your expectations my friend. No help is coming, and Obama will go down in the history books with Bill Clinton, Vernon Jordan, Henry Kissinger, Bob Dole, the Rothschilds, and others who participate in the scams of the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve to keep mankind enslaved. He ain’t got time to be bothered. He’s only good and doing one thing…helping himself and his family.

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