Thank you Sherry! I’ve been thinking about how to do more. There are some ways to do it, but it requires a significant number of Black people to be frustrated to change. It also requires us to operate without being seen as a threat to the federal government.

I have ideas. I’m going to share them soon. I’m definitely ready to help others. We just can’t keep going like this. Thins are getting read to get bad, and most White folks are like let’s wait and see what happens. We’re living a coup right now and they are talking about January 20th. White people are simply not the answer. They are our downfall. As we’ve discussed before, even good people can’t do anything about the bad ones. Living like this is unsustainable. Hopefully if we can get enough interests we can create a Black book for small businesses.

It all starts with an idea. Check out PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson. That book is THE guide I’m using.

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