Thank you Sherry Kappel, we have for far too long been silent. Sadly these old coons in office have accrued so much power that it’s literally impossible to retake control of it. They have solidified it with the crowning of Donald Duck as POTUS. Women and children are abused every day, and we ask them to go petition a government that does not care about anything except taking money from us.

We pay to build airplanes to blow up shit in other countries, and then we give them USAID and other tax money in order to rebuild after we destroy it. Then they tell us there isn’t enough of our own money for them to take care of us! Like you I am so sick and tired. It’s becoming more evident daily as long as we have these two systems, we will continue to get the same results. I feel so bad for women having to hold in their hurt for decades until something triggers the release of it. I’m also tired of men…I’m tired of good men remaining silent and on the sidelines. I’m tired of the bad men always figuring out how to make it through our systems of government to rule over us in some sadistic type of way.

Ryan Daly said it best, we have pervs all over our government that we have placed in positions of power. What in the heck does that say about America’s decision-making abilities? Our sanity? Not much…

There is no such thing as a good politician. Anyone saying they are running for more than two terms means us no good. It’s no longer about us, it’s about him/her. They all need to go…clean out Shady Grove nursing home and let’s get some untainted folks to represent us.

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