Thank you sis. I have no optimism. Gillibrand is a no-go for me. After investigating her corporate record and congressional voting record, she hasn’t ever done shit to help anyone. I keep circling back to Julian Castro, but the media won’t even give him the time of day for their love of White bros Beto, Pete, Joe, etc. And these White women like Warren, and Klobuchar who has a terrible record on race relations and criminal justice. So does Kamala.

Middle of the road will get us Joe Biden. Gotta appease Whiteness yea know. We go too radical, we get Trump again. At the end of the day. Whiteness and the comfort of White people will prevent real, meaningful change. In my opinion, White people can’t really fix this broken America because they don’t experience it the way we do. Change needs to be led by people of color. It’s going to take a few decades, maybe even a century of leadership by Otherness before America will be able to see real change.

If Whites keep us from leading, we WILL have the same results. Radical is needed, but people don’t like change so we keep getting status quo results.

That’s why I have no optimism. America is predictable.

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