Thank you Sis. I hope they burn it down. Maybe then we can make the country we have on paper. But probably not because White people love their racism.

I am just amazed at how White people can sit back and police us but can bother to police themselves. I told my ex-husband the night he was elected he was going to take us back to slavery. He has done it.

45 looted the government and they (White folks) let him. He has destroyed this frayed country and they let him. They won’t save us because they won’t save themselves. They are not fighters unless they are fighting to loot for themselves.

They hate it because the old property is destroying their new property. I hope they burn it down. They need to understand what it’s like to lose everything and start a new. But they won’t they’ll cling onto their own raggedy rag called racism and use it to do what they do best, steal power.

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