Thank you so much. Talking about racism is extremely unpopular here in America. It’s the open secret White people aren’t interested in doing anything about. White people broke America, so White people need to fix it. It’s not our responsibility and it shouldn’t be our burden.

White people have made a living controlling who has power. They must own up to this fact and relinquish that power in order to dismantle the structures and systems they’ve created. But we know they won’t, so the only hope we Blacks and People of Color have is to have more babies to eliminate White rule. White people aren’t serious about doing anything about themselves. If they were they wouldn’t keep selecting the same types of leaders and refusing to cede power.

If we’re not going to have a national intervention to stop White Supremacy, we’re not going to ever heal. White Supremacy is the cancer America can’t seem to find a cure for. The cure has been discovered, but the patients are non-compliant, refusing to take the recommended medication for healing.

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