Thank you so much. People are rude, but some rudeness is an extra effort due to the race of the person on the receiving end. Privilege is a hell of a drug, and a lot of white people have been raised with a privileged entitlement many of us will never have. That privilege allows them to be assholes. I don’t know if race issues will ever be eradicated because it depends on White people to change, and that’s not something they’ve been willing to do. We didn’t create the racial constructs and the systems that keep them at the top, they did. They created inequality. They created the skin tests. They created all of the systems that keep us divided.

So, they need to fix it. Period. Don’t expect the victims of racism to fix it. It’s impossible!

I don’t believe it is my responsibility to try anymore. The more we try, the more White people resist, deny, ignore, project, deflect…and flat out lie. If they want to change, they must do better and change. It’s not that hard. It’s not important to them, that’s why they don’t do it. They have nothing to gain from changing.

White people need to listen, immerse themselves in culture, learn to apologize and live like human beings instead of kings and queens without crowns. Even poor Whites have the audacity to consider their race over their class. Whiteness is a helluva a drug in the US. There are not enough allies to help eradicate racism which makes it harder to combat.

White people need to fix racism. It’s a problem. As those who are victims of it. If you don’t think it’s a problem, you don’t know enough people of color, because we all have scars left by Whites.

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