Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughts and concern. I’ve been through shut downs through the Obama Administration as a result of 8 years of Republicans being in power. This is the first time I’ve really worried about a government because of his insistence upon it being long, federal employees will “understand” and “adjust” and because I know this man is mentally ill.

People with his illness always have someone chasing them, wanting to do harm to them, and are always trying to convince people to see what they see. It’s schizo is what it is. Trump has no concern about the consequences of our loses, and he has never experienced experienced what most of us have when it comes to poverty.

This man makes up stuff to get what he wants. He’s like an evil gang or cult leader who preys on weak minded individuals in search of a father figure to get them to fulfill his corrupt desires for personal and financial gain.

As I watched his speech, I was amazed at not only the media covering his lies, but also the way the pundits overlook the main issue with the allegation of Mexicans taking our jobs and our unemployment rates being “low.” Employment discrimination by Whites (with or without immigrants) are our biggest obstacle to gainful employment. He in fact is driving up the unemployment rate for African Americans by closing the government down, preventing independent contractors who provide services to the government from working.

The man talks out of both sides of his mouth and is a rabble-rousing liar.

People who discriminate in America on the basis of race or color are the only people who need a wall protecting the rest of us from them.

Since I can’t work, I’m going to write. Salty Sally is on deck lol.

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