Thank you so much and yes, what you read is what you get. I hate generic, unhelpful essays as much as I hate listicles. I don’t like giving advice, but I figured as a mom I could speak up for those too afraid to tell their children their gifts suck lol.

I love how you centered the day around your wife. She will treasure you all forever for those gestures. And you teaching your sons how to monitor mom (aka your spouse) to know what she likes and what she’d she’d benefit most from is awesome. You’re going to have very appreciative future daughter-in-laws. Trust me!!!

I have all sorts of sentimental gifts my kids gave me or made for me when they were small. I love those. Now we live a few states away, and he works most weekends so we don’t see each other too often. Thankfully he and his friends are in town this weekend for a concert so, I will get a hug this mother’s day which means the world to me. I haven’t seen him since my grandmother’s funeral a few weeks ago.

I taught them to grow up, travel, enjoy life, appreciate friends and family, and be kind. He’s all the things a parent wants a kid to become. I don’t ask for anything, nor do I expect anything. I’m happy, he is a happy, productive citizen.

My other son, well I may not even hear from him. My sons ate at the same table, had the same food, got the same discipline, love, and guidance, yet he is the polar opposite. With that said, my good son sopping but to give me a hug on tomorrow will be the best present money can’t buy.

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