Thank you so much and you are absolutely right. Thank you for providing commentary on what “good schools” and “educating White children” looks like in 2019. I have seen this happen numerous times. I dated a White guy who told me he sent his White daughter to the “bad school” because the school in the Black community had some specific magnet program not offered in the White schools he sent his child to.

All awhile he complained about how his daughter was picked at and harassed by Black kids and so on. I was thinking to myself all your child endured was one school year in a school where she was a minority. I thought to myself she should try walking in our shoes for a lifetime, she couldn’t take it. For the guy I dated, it validated his stereotypes about Blacks and his attitude towards some of them.

I knew so much more than he did. Instead of being angry at the fool things he’d say, I just decided to make it a teaching/learning relationship. By the end, I’m sure he learned he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was — I’m certain he learned he not all Blacks are “ignorant.” He grew up in Oregon, so I cut him slack, but dealing with him gave me a lot of insight into how many White people think. It’s eye opening to say the least, but at least if we know the game we can learn how to play it. Besides — it’s Whites who are paying to educate their kids twice when they don’t use public system.

Thank you for being keenly aware of how tainted public school systems really are. Thanks also for allowing your child to be educated in the real world.

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