Thank you so much avis prede. Please don’t apologize. I appreciate your empathy. I don’t write to convict, I try to write to teach and educate people about how politics screws most of us to enrich a few of us. This administration is a disgrace no doubt, but the most powerful example of how American systems and institutions are used to oppress, and rule over minority populations. I simply shared what it’s like for people of color trying to pull themselves up or make it in America. There is no such thing for many of us.

There is something very sinister going on right now in America, and if our leaders of our democracy can’t do any better than they are to combat an autocrat (Trump), then none of them deserve the privilege of serving us. If this continues, we shall surely end up a rich nation with masses of poor people. We will also be in the throws of a civil war just like the ones in third world nations. This is how it starts. People must wake up and stop believing the same old people will save us. They won’t. They must see how racial constructs discriminate and keep people oppressed like they have done in other nations and territories globally. I try to remain hopeful, but it’s getting harder every day. Thanks for reading.

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