Thank you so much. Everyone doesn’t have the television life with the perfect television parents with perfect parenting skills. I don’t believe in sugar coating real life because we are suffering in silence when we do, ashamed of our lives and not sure how to deal explain the imperfections to others. Life is not black and white and I feel those who make choices (i.e. anti-abortionists) for all of us based on their backgrounds and upbringing without taking into consideration the horrible lives experienced by those they “save” do us all a disservice. Hurt people hurt people and forcing people ill-equipped to care for kids or those who lack the patience and empathy to care for little ones only creates more broken people. Some can cope and overcome, many cannot.

I believe there are many of us who wish we weren’t born, or perhaps were born to another family. I just choose to talk about it in realistic terms. Until those heavenly bound anti-abortionists walk a mile in our shoes, they should keep their preferences to themselves.

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