Thank you so much. As a teacher I would hope that after witnessing and listening to our experiences you would share with POC that they too will need to decolonize their minds. It’s a never ending process. I too find that I am having to decolonize my thinking constantly. It’s letting go of old, White/colonialist set of values, cultural ideologies, and rules that are meant to control us. Our minds keep our bodies in submission and in bondage. We must begin reprogramming our minds.

Understanding how racism works and admitting you are racist is the most important part of the journey. Most people try to fight it because racism and being racist is bad, but if you’re unwilling to admit the undeniable truth, then we cannot move forward. I have thought a lot about this and being angry because White people are racist gets none of us anywhere (except where we are right now). We Black folks and POC have a right to be angry. Angry is an emotion we are entitled to. White folks are entitled to feel embarrassed and a shamed for not knowing or understanding their histories in the White Supremacy scheme of things, but we must at some point work to kill White Supremacy.

White Supremacy steals and kills, and we are at the point that it’s harmed all people now, not just Black ones. While we’ve suffered the most, the longest, and are frequent targets, White people have been harmed by White lies too. White Supremacy is bad. So is being racist. Denounce it, learn from it, and move on. Thank you for sharing your experiences and please don’t give up. It’s hard, thankless work. Often comes with abuse too (lol), but it’s so worth it!

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