Thank you so much Ben for your thoughtful insight into White Supremacy. Like you, I don’t believe White Supremacy will end or begin to decrease or end without the investment of the majority of White people. From what I’ve witnessed, half are evil and racist and the other half are scared and almost indifferent because the daily implications of White Supremacy benefits them.

If the majority of White people were harmed the way Blacks were, their would be a cure for it by now, especially since White people are heavily vested in tending to their feelings and emotions. Nothing moves White people like their feelings. Racism has two types of injuries most folks don’t think about. One is a physical injury which acts as an obstacle in some way, like death, getting denied a loan or better employment opportunity, or some other impediment caused by daily microaggressions.

The other type of injury is emotional which White people don’t mind. White Supremacy and racism acts like mini cuts to the skin. We suffer injuries from racism every single day from White people and POC whether it’s online, in person — in various situations. White Supremacy is intentional and lethal. If White people suffered the way we did, they’d fix White Supremacy tomorrow.

The only way we’re going to end White Supremacy is if White people die off or there is an explosion of non-White childbirths that reduces or removes White power from White people, unless White Supremacy does what it always does — evolve. It teaches non-White people how to engage in the deadly practice against their own and others suffering from oppression. We’re never really free from White Supremacy. It just reinvents itself like a bad resume.

I want to thank you for truly understanding how entrenched White Supremacy is in America and throughout the world. We need more good White people to get it AND act.

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