Thank you so much Chris. I want socially aware people to pay attention to the patterns you describe. Paying attention keeps you from forgetting. This year has been eye opening, and there are some patters in our history that are undeniable. White people consistently let us down, then ask us to hold their hair while they get themselves together. Abuse, kill, get off, forget, rinse, repeat.

We just gotta be honest here. This story of Black people begging White people to see their humanity is as old as this country, and White people should be ashamed of themselves for having such blindspots. Black lives don’t matter and it’s not up to us anymore to make them matter. It is up to us to call out their hypocrisy and do what we can to protect ourselves. If White people can’t come to terms with their bad side in 2020, they are just morally bankrupt and no earthly good. If you just watch people over the next few months, you’ll see how they go back to what makes them feel good, and the things that are near and dear to their hearts. I just hope they know this country isn’t going back to the way it used to be, and this generation of Black people will never see complicit, apathetic White people the same.

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