Thank you so much Cynthia Artin for you kindness and words of comfort. Your story has resonated with me. It’s very difficult to feel peace at a child’s passing, but as a mother, I understand how difficult it is to have a child take you on their emotional roller coaster. It’s very painful to hear your sister died alone away from the people who loved her, but I also understand sobriety and addiction are two monsters addicts must fight alone. Sometimes our loved ones burn so many bridges going through life it makes it hard to have compassion for them. No one takes my son’s calls now because he has begged, borrowed, lied, and not improved him circumstances. I feel bad because he is alone in another state, and no one wants their child to feel like they have no one in the world they are attached to. On the flip side, when the phone rings, I get a knot in my stomach because the call is never to inquire about my well-being. It’s always to ask for something. To take from me, as if I’m a never end well. He’s sucked the life out of me. I feel I deserve better, but society tells parents they must love and take care of their children no matter what. It’s an unfair and unrealistic expectation that cannot be met.

I’m happy your family has some peace, and I appreciate your honesty about your struggles with a sibling. Your mother’s perspective is priceless.

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