Thank you so much. I had been sitting on this one for a few months because it’s so complex. It makes me think about how we phrase people of color and who it includes. As the post above your response noted, many immigrant groups tend to have this same thought-process. Living here in South Florida has really opened my eyes to how different immigrant groups see America, and Black people. It’s always interesting to listen to the different conservative views. Sometimes immigrants are staunch conservatives because they don’t believe in abortion so much they’d allow the government to under-fund their schools. Nevermind they do other things that jeopardize their livelihoods indirectly like limit their future workforce’s ability to get a good education so they aren’t able to afford to consume their goods/services.

It’s cutting of ya nose spite your face! Again, the Trump presidency has really taught me somethings about votes and citizens.

I browsed the report, and it’s always amazing to see how few people believe racism is a problem. The report confirms my suspicions about Democrats. They are moderately racist which explains their apathy. Black people really should stop voting with Democrats. We are still here and no they are courting White working class voters trying to get them to come back. Screw the people who always get you to the dance. We are so foolish.

Black people should treat the democratic party like we do any other relationship where one partner has become complacent. Put them on notice, and when no changes occur — leave. No matter what we do, we aren’t appreciated. What are we to do?

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. |

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